Brooklyn Rogues Code of Conduct

Effective January 5, 2019

The Brooklyn Rogues is a welcoming and inclusive community organization that expects and relies on all members to uphold the Code of Conduct, established below.

As a member of the Brooklyn Rogues, I am committed to representing my Club with the utmost respect. In the community, I am an ambassador of the Brooklyn Rogues and will make decisions that positively represent the Club. I know the Brooklyn Rogues is a diverse community organization peopled with members of many different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, and I will treat all of my fellow members with dignity, respect, and support.

I understand that the impact of my words and actions may extend beyond myself to include the Brooklyn Rogues. As such, I will respect my fellow members through personal, electronic, and social media communications at all times. Harassment, abuse, stalking, egregious criminal activity, or violence of any form may result in removal from the Club without reimbursement of membership dues.

As a member of the Brooklyn Rogues, I will refrain from illegal or unethical practices related to training, running, and racing. I am committed to following the rules established by organizers whenever I participate in their racing, running, and/or training events. This includes, and is not limited to, bib transfers, following the official course, banditing, and respecting race facilities, fellow competitors, teammates, and organizers. I am committed to acting with proper running etiquette and with consideration to all participants during running events. My behavior towards others reflects on the Brooklyn Rogues as a welcoming and inclusive running club.

I will act with the Club’s best interests in mind and, in turn, will be supported by the Brooklyn Rogues leadership. I understand that my failure to meet the Brooklyn Rogues Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions, up to and including removal from the Club with no reimbursement of membership dues. This Code is set in place to provide an outline of expectations so that Club leaders can address behavior that violates this policy.